Tiny Tech Zines / 2019

Tiny Tech Zines is a Los Angeles based zine fair focused on cultivating critical dialogue around technology and digital culture through art, zines, and workshops. The first Tiny Tech Zines was held at NAVEL LA on August 11, 2019 and featured a range of local and international artists, technologists, educators, and activists.

Inspired by the original New York Tech Zine Fair, Tiny Tech Zines (TTZ) was created by Rachel Simanjuntak, Tristan Espinoza, and myself as an effort to bring communities in Los Angeles & beyond together to share perspectives about the ways technology affects our lives.

Silicon Valley has long been the dominant force behind technological innovation in the U.S., perpetuating technologies that often fail to serve marginalized communities in meaningful ways. TTZ believes that Los Angeles can fill a critical gap in the tech conversation by making space to share knowledge and highlighting the ways that our diverse communities engage with technology.

TTZ is community-based at its core and offers a space to be critical of technology by highlighting the perspectives and stories of communities that tech often fails to thoughtfully consider.

Throughout the day, TTZ held a series of workshops, where participants learned how to incorporate code into their digital practice, built speculative camera filters, imagined alternative tech futures, and engaged in collaborative research. Workshops were facilitated by Casey Reas, Jules Kris, Rachel Joy Victor, and Isabelle Harada.

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Rachel Simanjuntak, Tristan Espinoza, Tyler Yin

Zeli Berusch, Phil Schleihauf, Gonzalo Moiguer, Stefanie Tam, and Bernard Semerdjian

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