Experiments in Networked Performance / 2022

Organized and taught by Tiri Kananuruk and Todd Anderson in partnership with CultureHub NYC and The School for Poetic Computation, Experiments in Networked Performance was a two week exploration of the relationship between audience and performer, and between in-person and remote audiences.

Focused on the way technology can create new, less passive forms of audienceship and how that role can extend beyond a single physical space, I collaborated with other participants to develop and choreograph a number of networked performances.

The session culminated in an evening of live performances hosted across multiple spaces in the CultureHub building for a combined in-person and online audience.

Hide and Seek, 2min 08s
Chanté Burch and Tyler Yin

Into the Belly of the Beast, 6min 42s
Chok Si Xuan, Erika Choe, and Tyler Yin

Chok Si Xuan
Erika Choe
Chanté Burch

School for Poetic Computation
CultureHub NYC